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Arden Speaks!

Looking for a doggone good speaker who can deliver a purr-fect presentation? Book Arden as your speaker.  She’s not your typical presenter who relies solely on PowerPoint. Arden prefers a more creative route — driving home key points by sometimes using a bandana-wearing Husky mix, a leash-walking cat, bathtub ducks, a little Mozart, and even a pan of burned brownies. Whether Arden is in front of CNN-Headline News cameras or in front of a classroom or on stage at national pet expos, she tells the real truth about cats and dogs — and writing and the freelance world of social media. As The Pawsitive Coach, Arden entertains and educates audiences of all ages and interests.

PSI’s Patti Moran
Praises Arden

Patti Moran, founder of the entire professional pet sitting industry and president of Pet Sitters International, was so impressed by Arden’s presentation as keynote speaker at the 2010 PSI conference, that she delivered this video testimonial. Tune in here:

People Are Talking

“Arden Moore has helped millions of pets and people live happier, healthier, fuller lives.” — Marty Becker, DVM, “America’s Veterinarian,” veterinary correspondent for ABC-TV’s Good Morning, America, the Dr. Oz Show and best-selling author

Arden Moore is the Ellen DeGeneres of the pet world! She offers great info for pets in a fun, entertaining and memorable way!” — Mark Winter, executive producer of Pet Life Radio

“Thank you again for being our talent at our annual Pets on Parade event. When no one says a word and people stop talking, you own the room. You had everyone’s attention the minute you took the microphone.” — Lori Sarner, founder of Pets on Parade

“You are amazing! Oh my God, you are the best radio host on the planet!” — Megan Blake, actress, pet travel and lifestyles expert

“Arden is a fascinating guest and is definitely going to be our “GO TO” guest on all things furry and fuzzy!” — Erin Berger, Talk Show Producer, Canada

Arden Moore is one of the most entertaining speakers in the pet world today.” — Pam Art, president of Storey Publishing

“As a graphic designer working on many publications, I have to say Arden Moore has been the easiest editor to work with. She is extremely efficient and organized…her visual choices for photos are wonderful. I highly recommend working with Arden on any publication or project.” — Mary Francis, McGavis, The Creative Director

Arden’s topics include, but are not limited to:

  • 10 Ways to Unleash Your Leadership Skills
  • Life Lessons Unleashed by PhDs (Pretty Happy Dogs) and CEOs (Cats Extraordinaire)
  • The Good, Bad and Ugly About Social Marketing
  • Combat Stress by Letting the Fur Fly
  • Sit! Stay! Write! Good Author!
  • How to Play it Safe, Save Your Sanity and Save Money as Pet Parents
  • Doggie, Doggie, Are You Ok? – Hands-on Pet First Aid
  • Why It’s Cool to be Catty
  • The Truth About Dogs and Cats … and Writers
  • Pitching to the Pet Media
  • Oh Behave! – Explaining Why Cats and Dogs Do What They Do
  • Surviving – and Thriving – as a Freelancer or Your Own Boss
  • Thinking Outside the (Litter) Box: Creative Writing Tips
  • Bring Out the Healthiest (and Happiest) Best in You – and Your Pets
  • 12 Ways to Pamper Your Dog and Cat
  • 10 Author Traps to Avoid
  • Pet Peeves: Human Habits That Drive Cats and Dogs Crazy

Contact Arden

For corporate or general inquiries, email Arden.

Meet the Four Legged Life® Founder

Arden Moore — The Pawsitive Coach™ — happily wears many “collars” in the pet world: radio show host, editor, author, professional speaker, media consultant and behavior consultant. She travels all over North America to help millions better understand why cats and dogs do what they do. Arden unleashes her sage advice spiced with humor as an in-demand TV and radio show guest, (including The Today Show, CNN, FOX, Martha Stewart and The George Lopez Show.) Her mission is to help people and their pets learn to play with a purpose and to play it safe.

And she knows how to play it safe — with pets. She is a Master Certified pet first aid, CPR and safety instructor with Pet Tech, the world’s leader in hands-on training and pet wellness classes. Whenever possible, she brings her dog-cat teaching tandem of Chipper and Zeki to give hands-on skills for her students. Visit her Pet First Aid 4 U site for more details. Be your pet’s true best friend and sign up for a class today – contact Arden.
Each week, she hosts the award-winning OH BEHAVE! show on Pet Life Radio, the No. 1 pet podcast on the planet. She hosts  “top dogs” in the pet world, including Betty White, Kellie Pickler, Victoria Stilwell, Rachael Ray, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Wozniak and Dean Koontz.  Arden also serves as editor-at-large of Fido Friendly and founder of National Dog Party Day. Looking for a grrr-eat speaker, media consultant or spokesperson? Arden knows pets — best! 

Arden Moore’s Video Bio

Arden Featured on Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart VideoJug.com spotlights Pet Expert Arden Moore

Meet Arden’s Furry Fab Four



Named after Arden’s love of golf, Chipper is a second-chance dog turned canine celebrity. She travels coast to coast on many media appearances. This Golden Retriever-Husky mix loves “woof” park visits and performing tricks on cue, especially “belly up!” When cameras are on her, she unleashes grins and canine charm. This cat-loving canine happily assists  Arden in  her pet first aid classes, allowing students to do snout-to-tail assessments, find her pulse and practice many first aid skills. When the waves beckon, Chipper enjoys tandem surfing with Cleo.



As a young stray, Zeki survived a brutal knifing and health woes. Now this spunky survivor is a certified therapy cat with Pet Partners. She is also a media darling, with her own Facebook Fan Page (Zeki the Cool Cat). She was featured in Cat Fancy, wowed the crowd at SuperZoo in Las Vegas and mingles with celebs like Jackson Galaxy and Victoria Stilwell. This feline ambassador often joins Arden at presentations and is the first feline teacher in the Pet Tech first aid program. Many of Zeki’s closest pals woof – she loves dogs!  Zeki’s currency? Deli turkey. View her video here.




Abandoned as a kitten at an apartment complex, the always-mellow Murphy enjoys taking power naps, cackling at birds, dining on fresh grass and supervising Arden as she edits each story dealing with any feline issue.  Her special talent? She jumps in Arden’s lap when she whistles the Jeopardy Show theme song. Now, if only she could give Arden the final Jeopardy response! This mellow senior welcomes all who visit the Furry Fab Four.



Cleo (a miniature Poodle-Basset Hound mix – confirmed by a DNA test) escaped the mean streets and now lives for warming laps, taking long car rides and when the weather is right, surfing. She has yet to meet a stranger and landed in the Guinness World Records with the So Cal Surf Dogs team for most dogs on a surfboard (17). She teaches Arden that little dogs sport big hearts. Click here for her surf slide show with a song! Cleo the K9 Surfer

Informal Bio

So, just who IS Arden Moore? Well, let’s go back to my childhood. I grew up in a Brady Bunch-like family in a town called Crown Point, located in Northwest Indiana. Until winning a couple high school state titles in girls’ basketball in the 1980s, this sleepy Hoosier town had earned notoriety as the place where bank robber John Dillinger escaped from the county jail in the 1930s by fooling the local sheriff with a “gun” carved from a bar of soap and blackened with shoe polish. I was fortunate to grow up on the outskirts of town with a backyard that rolled into the shoreline of a fresh water lake. Summers found me training my cat, Corky, to swim and learning how to turn double plays on the softball diamond. Winters were spent building snow-fortified forts and going full throttle on the family snow mobile across the frozen lake surface.

By my first year in high school, I quickly learned that my future would not be in the world of music. After all, there is not a big demand for people who play the glockenspiel, so I cajoled the editor of the local weekly newspaper into hiring me to be a sports writer. I discovered I liked putting nouns and verbs together far more than trying to strike the right note on a too-heavy metal instrument with a mallet. As a corn-fed Hoosier, I valued my Midwest roots, but knew I needed to experience other places. My insatiable curiosity led me to spending the next 20 years chasing stories as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers in Indiana and Florida. From there, I entered the publishing world at the family-owned Rodale Press located in another sleepy town — this one called Emmaus, Pennsylvania. At Rodale, my “day job” was health writer for the book division, but I moonlighted as a writer for their new magazine called Pets: Part of the Family. There, I realized that I could tap my love of writing and interviewing to help people become healthier and to tout the power of pets. Pets and people — that’s what I am all about. In fact, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least one tail-wagger in my life. Today, I happily share my home in Oceanside, California with two dogs, two cats, and an often-used vacuum cleaner. Never did I imagine growing up as a glockenspiel-playing teen-ager in Crown Point would I some day see my name on dozens of books and hundreds of magazine articles. I feel fortunate to have hit the right note — finally!